M A D E   I N  E N G L A N D


Our Women's Wear is printed and made in England. We print our fabrics in Worcstershire, England and we make our garments with a small manufacturer in Hertfordshire, England. We have worked with them since day one and know the staff on first name terms! They have helped us grow and we treasure the working relationship.


Our scarves are made in s family run business in scenic Lake Como, Italy. We know the family from days prior to Klements when we worked for other labels. They are the best, so there was no option when we started Klements other than to work with our friends. The service, staff and quality are second to none.


We sincerely believe that 'FASHION SHOULD NOT BE FAST'. This is the reason we started the label Klements. To slow everything down. Some of our hand drawn art works for the prints can take weeks and weeks to create! We live by the mantra; buy less but buy quality. Klements clothes are made the way clothes used to be made, properly by people we know care. They cost more that some other brands, but we are happy we are working as ethically and fairly as possible.

We believe Klements products are those special statement pieces that you will be wearing for many many years to come and then passing down. Keeper pieces, art, made with pride.