BRITISH MUSEUM X KLEMENTS 'British museum', Long Scarf.


BRITISH MUSEUM X KLEMENTS 'British museum', Long Scarf.

100% silk
We are excited to finally have the British Museum x Klements collaboration scarves available.

The British Museum asked Klements to create a print inspired by the Museum and its collections. We spent days exploring the museum, photographing, drawing and gaining inspiration. The print is a collection of some of Our favourite pieces; Gayer Anderson Cat, The Townley Venus, Sphynx, Egyptian treasures mixed in with the hand painting from pottery of unknown Artists. We loved the contrast on mixing extremely important grand pieces with the paintings on simple pottery from the Museum, balancing the very heavy with the very light. The mood, colours and ambiance of the print was inspired by the sensation of sitting in the Great court of the Museum, filled with light on a cold, bright spring morning in London.

The collaboration is also available from the British Museum in the luxurious Grenville Room Boutique.

Medium Square 200 x 50 cm, 100% Silk Twill, Made in limited edition in Italy.
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